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Flood Emergency Ration Appeal for Baluchistan and Interior Sindh

Every year, the onset of monsoon rains agitates those living in less fortunate areas of Pakistan. Floods sweep in as an annual affliction, washing away the lives and homes of people who are left clinging onto hopes of emergency aid.

With the ongoing climate and economic crises, the seasonal calamity has wreaked unprecedented havoc in areas including Punjab and Baluchistan. Thousands have lost their homes and hundreds have been killed as rainfall continues. There is an urgent need to assist our brothers and sisters who drown deeper than ever before.

This year, Rizq is launching a Flood Relief campaign to support people in affected areas of Punjab and Balochistan. The campaign aims to provide relief rations to the flood-stricken population to keep them afloat during these trying times. Rations will be delivered live throughout the campaign as funds are collected. This is only possible through collective support. We make an urgent appeal to all of Pakistan to donate the maximum amount of funds. Donate as much as you can in these times of crisis, as the Prophet (PBUH) said,

“Allah continues to fulfill the needs of the servant as long as he fulfills the needs of his brother.