The most visited and beautiful place of Nathia Gali is Mushkpuri Peak. In winter, the view of Mushkpuri is more eye-catching because of snow.

Trips to Mushkpuri Peak

Mushkpuri PeakNathia Gali is located in Abbottabad, where several hill-stations are connecting closely. The most visited and beautiful place of Nathia Gali is Mushkpuri Peak; at a distance of 82 km from Islamabad. Because of its hiking tracks, pleasant weather, and the areas that can be seen from the top of Mushkpuri i.e. Islamabad, Circle Bakote, Jhelum River, and the Bagh District, tourists are highly attracted to Mushkpuri. This place is suitable for all types of weather but in winters due to snowfall, the path becomes a bit slippery.

Because hiking makes people happy, yes! it does, as physical activities induce the release of endorphin that makes your spirit feel energize and happy. So rather than staying home because of the slippery path due to snow, with some precautionary measures people go hiking to Mushkpuri. And the number of trips in winters for Mushkpuri is relatively larger than in summers.

In winters, trips to malam jabba can also be your destination of interest.

Things To Take

Most importantly, don’t forget to travel light while hiking. Let me provide you a shortlist for your journey that will be perfect for you to take in all weather conditions. You can take first aid, joggers, sunglasses, ready-made food, water bottle, tent, sleep bag, and cooking utensils. Please view a detailed list of the things that you should make sure before travelling.

And last thing but not least, do take a raincoat with you as it rains almost every day. Wait! Before you check the weather, don’t trust the weather of Mushkpuri and leave your raincoat.

Weather in Mushkpuri