Malam Jabba

The most visited and beautiful place of swat is Malam Jabba, because of its development and beauty.

trips to malam jabba

Swat is the most beautiful region of Pakistan and due to its beauty, it is known as Switzerland of Pakistan. The most visited and beautiful place of swat is Malam Jabba; at a distance of 276 km from Islamabad, because of its development and beauty. Malam Jabba is suitable for all types of weather.

All these things increase the attraction of tourists to the place.

Mainly people avoid going to the places where the roads are not constructed properly. But here the roads are almost 80% complete. And they are making it comfortable for the travelers by managing safety blocks, cat eyes, reflecting paints, and other things. That will make your journey safe for you. Coaster, carry and any other vehicle can easily reach the top. But in winters because of snowfall, it will be more convenient to hire a local hi-ace to reach Malam Jabba. Otherwise, roads are safe to travel.

In winters, trips to mushkpuri peak can also be your destination of interest.

Things To Do

If you go there, obviously you will; after reading it, then you can do the following things: Ice Hockey Rink, Ice Curling, Skiing, Ski-doo rides and Skating in winters as it receives heavy snowfall every year and you can enjoy all the other activities in any weather that is Jeep Safari, Zip Line, Chair Lift, and trekking among these gigantic mountains.


After all the enjoyment you can stay and eat the food at the best places of Malam Jabba, these are the Frontier Tower, Samson Resort, Pearl Continental Hotel, and Nazara Restaurant. Here the food resembles the Afghan, Persian, and Turkish cuisines but it’s unique in taste and texture. And the food is largely based on meat dishes, fresh fruits, and vegetables, once you eat the food here you will never forget the taste of it.

Weather in Malam Jabba